Wafer Service

From our state of art fab, we provide film service with excellent quality. Film uniformity and particle control are among the most advantages from us.

Wafer Service | Blanket Film Service | Wafer Pattern Service


Wafer Service

  • Wafer Polishing: Single side, Double side
  • Back Grinding
  • Epitaxial service
  • Implant
  • Laser Marking
  • Reclaiming
  • Thinning
  • Dicing
  • Annealing


Blanket Film Service

Film Service Film Description Thickness (Min-Max) Wafer Size
Oxidation Dry, Thermal Oxide 500A-30,000A 2"-12"
PECVD Dielectric PETEOS 500A-30,000A 8", 12"
SiN 400A-1,500A 4"-8"
SiON 400A-20,000A 4"-8"
USG (Silane Oxide) 400A-10,000A 4"-12"
CORAL, BD I, BD II Custom 8", 12"
Amorphous Silicon Amorphous Silicon 200A-1,500A 2"-12"
Poly Polysilicon 1,000A-20,000A 2"-12"
Metal Ta, TaN, Ti, TiN, TiNi,
TiW, W, Wsi, Cr, Co, Zr
300A-3,000A 2"-12"
Cu, Al, Al Alloys, Al2O3,
ITO, Mo, NiCr, Ni, AlCu
500A-15,000A 2"-12"
Pt, Pd, Au, Ag 1,000A-20,000A 4"-12"
Electroplated Cu Oxide/Ta/Cu seed/ EpCu/Anneal 3,000A-20,000A 8", 12"
Photo Resist Coating
(Positive /Negative)
i-Line, 365nm Wave Length 1um-10 um 4" ~ 12"
DUV, 193nm Wave Length 7KA -8 KA 4"-12"
DUV, 248nm Wave Length 4KA-30 KA 4"-12"


Wafer Pattern Service

Pattern Service Line/Space, STI, Daisy Chain, Memory, ASIC, VIA Array Resolution <20 nm  
PR/PI Patterning on UBM Ti 1kA/Cu 2kA with Polyimide 5um-10um 6"-12"
Ti 1kA/Cu 2kA with Photo Resist, Positive 1um-20um 6"-12"
Ti 1kA/Cu 2kA with Photo Resist, Negative 45um, 70um 6"-12"